What to do…what to do

When I applied for college, I severely doubted my ability to get into any of them. I wasn’t confident in myself because it seemed as though test scores was what everybody cared about. I thought all hard stuff was over with. They say junior year is the most difficult, but first semester senior year almost killed me. When I got into Questbridge, I had to apply to all my colleges by November 1st. NOVEMBER 1st. All supplements, all recommendations, everything, while most of my classmates had the luxury of waiting to apply regular decision. I spent hours writing for each and every single school I was applying for. When I finally applied to all my schools by January, when every single application was turned in, I thought it was over. It’s easy for some people when you know where you want to go to college. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go, and now I ‘m faced with making the most difficult decision of my life. No exaggeration. Where will I spend the next four years? Honestly, I can’t answer that question. I’ve gotten into some pretty great schools, not gonna lie. I fell in love with one school but have surprisingly gotten accepted to one that I don’t think I can turn down. Everyone keeps telling me, “I wish I was in your position” or “You’re so lucky.” Maybe I am, but it’s not been feeling that way lately. The constant pressure of trying to decide on which school to choose is stressful and I’m hoping that I’ll make the right decision.


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