What is the best 2k game?

Over the past five years or so, there’s been no doubt in my mind: The NBA 2K series is the best in all of sports video games.

It’s hard to innovate sports games from year to year. Sports games don’t have new stories to tell necessarily, and they don’t have the luxury of three or four year waiting periods between sequels. Every year a new iteration must come out and you have to do what it takes to not disappoint fans. How much could they add beyond an updated player roster?

When I first got 2k16, I did not think that they could have added that ,much content that 2k15 did not have but I wrong. Besides the roster, 2k16 had many new game modes which were fun and didn’t get boring after doing them a few times. The best addition to the game was the new and improved my career with a built in story to go with it which allows your my player to go play games and after the games you get interviewed by different team scouts and then you will be drafted.



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