I’m Weird, and I’m Proud!

I have heard people call me weird throughout the years. When I was younger, it bothered me a bit, but now, I am used to it and take pride in my unusual passions and actions. Being weird has not only become part of my personality, but I can now acknowledge “weird” as one way I identify myself.

What I’ve learned is to always smile after something you do or say is considered “weird”. If you demonstrate that you are ashamed by what you have done, people will not hold your actions against you, and may laugh along in turn. It doesn’t matter how weird an action does, because a smile will resemble pride and make others happier.

Honestly, sometimes I may be weird because I am just trying to make others laugh and be happy during stressful days at school. Often, I know what I say or do is not a usual act, but sometimes I do it to lighten the mood. I know if a joke is corny or cheesy before I say it, but it still comes out of my mouth anyway. Even a bad joke can make people happier and laugh.

My message is to not let other people tell you how to act and what to say. Be yourself, be weird, and be prideful of your passions and actions!


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