Drug Education

I’ve been thinking about this recently, and the way that we learn about drugs in school. The more I think about it, the more it makes me so mad.

A lot of the time, instead of actually learning useful things about drug abuse, teachers recite stupid lies that we all know are NOT true. I don’t know stupid you think we are, but we all know that one joint (weed) is not equivalent to smoking nine cigarettes (a teacher actually did say this, yes). And we know that weed is not going to kill you, and you’re not going to overdose on it. The more teachers lie about drugs and just say things that are so absurdly wrong, the more students will not take drug education seriously.

Seriously though, why don’t we actually learn anything useful about drugs? Let’s be honest- we’re teenagers. Most teenagers will experiment with stuff. Why do we act like that doesn’t happen? It’s so taboo that we just refuse to talk about it in a way that’s actually useful. Why don’t we learn about what to do when you think someone has alcohol poisoning, or about what combination of drugs taken will literally kill you? I’m not saying we should be encouraging drug use in school (obviously), but why aren’t we given information about drugs that could potentially be life saving?? So many people make really bad decisions about drugs and mixing things because they’re uninformed. Seriously, we don’t teach sex education by preaching abstinence. We talk about different forms of protection, different types of STD’s, etc. Why isn’t drug education taught in the same way?

I got so annoyed just writing this post. I hope teachers who say stupid, unhelpful things about drugs realize that we see right through it and nobody is going to take them seriously.


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