Decisions, Decisions.

As May 1st is coming up, college acceptances are rolling in. Luckily for me, I heard back from my last three schools on March 31st. But for those less fortunate, the wait might last another two weeks. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that I have finally heard back from all of the colleges I’ve applied to. But now I face a new dilemma, which one to choose. Out of the 17 colleges I applied to, I got accepted into 9 great schools, but only about three or four of them are colleges that I will potentially go to. So now I have to narrow it down by paying attention to financial aid, the school environment, and many other factors that would affect my decision. So my anxiety is not going to go away until I put in my deposit. But, on a good note, I get to miss school to visit these potential colleges! One of the best things to look forward to your senior year is going on college visits, especially if they’re paying for you to go. I’ll try to keep you guys updated so stay tuned.



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