An Eyeliner Review

If you know me, eyeliner is really the only makeup I understand. I have never owned a foundation, a primer, a lip liner, etc; and I wouldn’t even know how to go about using other makeup. But eyeliner is something that I always need to have, no matter what. I think it’s just out of habit, since I started wearing it in 8th grade. I usually don’t wear it during the Summer or most weekends, but always do to school. Anyways, here are my eyeliner tips and reviews of popular eyeliners.

  1. Kat Von D eyeliner. This is a very popular eyeliner that I assume a lot of people know. I’ve owned this eyeliner twice, I think. I like it, it’s easy to apply, it’s really dark, etc. However, the downfall of Kat Von D is that it dries out so quickly. One of mine dried out within like a month of use, which is really annoying and not ideal. I wouldn’t buy it again because of how quickly it dries out. It costs around $20, you can get it at sephora.
  2. Stila eyeliner. This is my favorite one! I can’t even say anything bad about it. It works as well as the Kat Von D, except it lasts for so much longer! I had one Stila Eyeliner for around 9 months before it started drying out, which is pretty amazing for a girl who always wears eyeliner. This is the eyeliner that I would always buy. The only thing that really sucks is that it’s no longer sold at Sephora! I don’t know where else you can buy it other than online. It’s $20.
  3. Tarte Eyeliner. This is the one I’m currently using since I couldn’t find the Stila. This one is really thin, which is kind of great, because you can perfect your eyeliner more. It’s also really pigmented. It’s been fine so far. The only thing I seriously hate: it ALWAYS smudges on my upper lid (Stila never did). That’d probably be annoying in humidity. It costs around $23, I believe.
  4. I’ve used other eyeliners from drug stores in the past before, but I’ve never found a good one. They all dry out in a month and aren’t pigmented enough. If you’re going to buy an eyeliner that you want to last, you should spend $20 on it.

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