“If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans.” – Woody Allen

I’ve seen this quote a bunch of times and never really thought much about it. I recently came across this quote again and it resonated with me this time. I decided to sit down and  try to dissect this quote in attempts of correlating it to my life.

“What is supposed to happen, will happen.” (Relatable quote)

What made me think more about this is what my friend told me earlier. She told me she printed 20 copies of babysitting fliers and posted them around her neighborhood. Later that night, she received news that her dad got her a job at a restaurant. It made me relate back to this quote. She was putting all those flyers out in hopes for a babysitting job, only to get a job hours later.

It’s seriously such a weird notion and it really makes you think about your future. How unpredictable it may be or how things won’t always go as planned. You envision these things for yourself and you never know if they will be fulfilled. This quote reveals the uncertainty of life and that’s why I liked it.


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