Plans? Ha.

“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”- Henry A. Kissinger

We constantly have to overcome new obstacles and worry about new things the second we get busy with work.

In life there is never only one task at hand. You are perpetually having to juggle between your family worries, your friend drama, your school responsibilities, and your overwhelming emotions. I’m sure that there will be good times too, but for the most part, I think its best to make sure you are always prepared to deal with anything that might come your way. It’s important to always maintain a balance in your life because without it, when problems arise at the worst of times, you will feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Your chest will get heavy and tight,your hands will clench, and your eyes will water but you wont cry because your trying your best to hold it all together. This feeling is almost unavoidable but you want to try your best to make sure you tell yourself that the feeling in your chest will eventually ease.

Alone time usually helps in  my opinion.


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