Naps After School

If you just can’t take it any longer, and you’re too tired, give yourself what you need. A nap.

Because I’ve gone to sleep late several nights due to homework, and now it’s basically become a habit, when I get home, I knock out for a good 1 to 3 hours. If I didn’t have to walk my dog everyday around 8pm, I’d stay sleeping until the next morning to then do homework and get ready for school.

Now it’s a habit to take a nap after school, except for the days that I come home late and I can’t fit in a nap and homework within the night. My parents know not to bother me. My niece is now getting use to the fact that I need a nap before I help her with her homework. My close friends already know the drill. If they call me and I sound like I just woke up, they know to call me after. My dog even knows to start whining by my bed for me to take him outside by 8pm, after my nap.

Just as sleep is a glorious thing, so is taking a nap, especially after a long day in school or when you’re just stressed.


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