My cousin’s wedding!!!

My cousin has been dating his girlfriend for about 3 years now and they have decided to finally tie the knot! They are such a cute couple and they will be getting married on June 24th. My cousin’s girlfriend is italian and my cousin went to school in italy/ lives there, so they will be having a wedding there. But not only that!! Since he’s albanian, they will have another wedding (wedding part 2), but in Kosovo, for our family.

I really want to go to Italy, to of course see their marriage, but also just be able to go to Italy!! I want to go but my sister and brother are graduating high school in that same week. My sister is graduating on the 24th, while my brother is graduating on the 28th! My parents are totally down with me going by myself to visit them, but we still don’t know yet!

I hope it happens!!!


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