How Advanced We Could Be

The Kardashev Scale. Invented by Nikolai Kardashev this scale was used to compare the advancements of the human race to the advancements it could later become as we progressed through time. There are six classifications of civilizations that this scale covers, I will only cover two after type II it goes into topics we would find hard to really understand. Type 0 civilization, this a civilization relies heavily on fossil fuels to create energy. We currently 0.74 on this scale. Type I civilization and after is really interesting.

Type I civilization is when we will have the ability to control the planet in its entirety and use renewable or clean energy. This means we can control the weather patterns to our favor, prevent monumental disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. The way we would draw our energy would be by, hydroelectric either from rivers and or waves, solar, nuclear fusion instead of fission, and the usage of wind turbines. Being at this phase in a civilization would mean we can sustain living on earth by reducing our impact on the environment and even finding ways to restore the ecosystems on earth. To reach this level would take another hundred years.

Type II civilization is when we are space faring species, we can get to Jupiter,Pluto,Saturn etc and back without a problem. We have mastered travelling in our solar system and can explore other nearby solar systems. We can also harness the energy of our sun in more advanced ways. Hypothetically we could build a “dyson sphere”; this would be multiple arrays of devices in orbit of a star(our sun being one of them) and would be to take energy similar to solar panels. This would also be able to pick up on solar flares and harness it into usable energy too. Once this energy would be harvested we could then transfer to Earth,Mars or any other planet “wirelessly” given that we are a type II and have been able to build around our sun. Also being a type II would allow for other things. We now have total control of Earth and can alter its orbit around the sun with notable distances, and can control the path of astrological bodies that intercept our orbit.


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