I loooovvve dancing. Like so much. If you know me, you know I love music and that I’m always dancing. But I’ve never taken classes so most of the time I just freestyle but I wish so baad that I took classes from a young age. I would most definitely start now but I have things like college to worry about. So until I’m settled down, know my schedule and get used to the change, I’ll probably stick to self teaching using youtube lol. Theres a dance studio in South Korea named 1million Dance Studio and they are just amazingly talented. I’m obsessed. Definitely recommend fellow dance lovers to check them out.

It takes so much effort to dance like that. I really admire the time and practice people put into it. For some, moving just comes naturally. I think dancing is such a beautiful and cool way to express yourself and let things out. Music has the power to completely change someones mood, so I encourage people to keep listening to happy, music that makes you wanna move. :p


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