Compost: To  A mixture of various decaying organic substances, used for fertilizing soil. (
Things to compost; Grass clippings, leaves, untreated wood scraps, non-glossy paper, and even some leftover food items (except for dairy and meat, not including the bones), pets hair and your own hair, coffee beans, teabags and more.
The Pros
1. It can remediate and revitalize soil that has been contaminated by hazardous waste, and can remove oil and heavy metals from storm water runoff.
2.Reduces waste and the need of fertilizer.
3. It’s very affordable, the only thing you need is storage bin or somethings to put the scraps in.
4. A good way to get rid of items that would end up in the garbage.


1. Can attract Rodents and flies
2. Takes up space. I think this is a fake con unless you have a really really tiny apartment.
3. Smells
4. To compost you have to break you habit of throwing everything out
5. only works in certain weather, it’s not ideal for cold or dry weather.

Overall I think the pros out weigh the cons and more people should do it, including myself.



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