Over the weekend I visited my first college UMASS. It was such a surreal experience because I was finally looking at colleges for myself and not my sister. I felt so old and so many emotions were going through my head. This is my life now thinking about where I want to go to college and what schools I want to apply too. Picking a college you want to go to is crazy hard because you need to imagine your life there for four years. People always see me as the younger sister and think I am just a freshman or sophomore but when I tell them I am a junior starting to look for college they all freak out and say “Wow you’re older than I thought”. Or “Do you know where you want to go or what you want to major in?” I have the same answer everytime I have no idea where I want to go, and I maybe want to major in sports management.  This upcoming weekend I am going to Penn State to see my sister and also tour the school. I am so excited to see more schools!  My weekends until the summer are either visiting colleges or studying for my ACT.

Tips for starting the college process;

Start early. Set deadlines for completing essays, collecting recommendations and filling out forms a few weeks before they’re actually required. Mark these earlier deadlines on your calendar and don’t miss them. College websites are the best place to find accurate deadline information.

Be consistent. Using the exact same name on all your forms makes things easier for admission officers. Decide if you want to use a shortened version of your legal name or your middle name, and then always use the same version. Switching names — going from Bill to Billy, for example — increases the odds that your materials will get misfiled.

Be careful. Careless mistakes on your application can hurt your chances of getting accepted. After you finish an application, put it aside for a day and then check it over for errors. If you can, have a teacher or parent proofread it as well. Save and review online applications before you submit them.

Alert your school. You need to let school officials know which colleges you’re applying to so they can send along your transcripts. The people you ask to write recommendation letters also need to know where you’re applying if they’re mailing the letters themselves.


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