Cemetery of Splendour

I see a lot of movies and my most recent favorite has to be Cemetery of Splendour. It’s an indie that takes place in Thailand and is about this temporary clinic in a former school where soldiers who have a “sleeping sickness” come to be treated. The symptoms are basically that soldiers suddenly lose consciousness and are put into a possibly permanent comatose. There is a woman who can read people’s minds, so she steps into the soldier’s dreams, revealing a lot about the condition as well as the supernatural reasonings for the illness.

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but the film is visually gorgeous. Thailand is beautiful and something about the minimalistic cinematography is nothing short of mesmerizing. Everyone in the movie is so sweet and charismatic that you end up feeling like you took a trip to Thailand and made friends with the most adorable people in the world. It’s also a very quiet film, which could easily be depressing, but there is so much subtle humor, especially with the main character, that it keeps the movie somewhat light hearted. I actually think the silence really adds to the whole “dream-like” aesthetic and makes the film almost therapeutically captivating.

As we were walking out I overheard some woman say, “Yeah I fall asleep when watching really boring movies”. At first it made me sad, but then I realized that only boring people get bored.


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