Binge watching Tv Shows

We’re all guilty of it- spending our weekends in bed and binge watching Netflix. Lately, this has been one of my new favorite activities to do when I’m bored and have a little extra free time so if anyone is ever been feeling low or bored, here are top recommendations.

For when you’re feeling a little bored with you’re life my best recommendation would be Orange is the New Black. I know it’s a really well known show but it’s always nice to re-watch something and if you haven’t ever seen it, you really better get to it because season four comes out in a few months and you’ll want to watch it. OISTNB will have you hooked within the first ten minutes and I promise, you won’t be able to turn it off.

Whenever I’m feeling kind of low I turn to the show I’ve literally been watching since I was in middle school, Gossip Girl. Although it’s childish and a little cliche, it’s one of my favorite shows that gets my mind off things. Watching a show where the characters have such silly problems will without a doubt get your mind off things and boost your mood.

My all time favorite show to binge on in Law & Order SUV. I can honestly say that I’ve spent my entire weekend watching the show because each episode is different and has a different story. I love watching the show when I need to waste some time and just do nothing. The show keeps me on my toes and I love that if I don’t like what’s happening in a certain episode, I can just change it.







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