Twenty Things that Define Me

Everybody identifies with different people, places, activities, cultures, etc. Here is a list of twenty things that define me, and make me who I am today:

1. The Hundreds– My favorite clothing brand at the moment

2. Syracuse Men’s Basketball– My favorite college basketball team

3. Strawberries– My favorite fruit and food, I have eaten them almost every day for the past eighteen years

4. Ray Ban Sunglasses– I wear them when it’s sunny, and they bring out my chill attitude

5. Beats Headphones– I jam out on the subway and at home with my Beats

6. Arnold Palmer– My favorite beverage, and a cool drink to indulge in on a hot day

7. Bench Press– If you see my in the gym, I may be bench pressing

8. Kendrick Lamar– He’s not just my favorite rapper, but his composure and dedication motivate me to be a better, more sincere person

9. Timber Lake Camp– My camp that I work at; it’s been my summer home for seven years

10. Trumpet– I have now played it for five years with a long break in between, and it is now part of my musical genius attitude

11. Black Socks– I rock black socks nowadays, it was a style change that just kind of happened

12. Shake Shack– The burgers are delicious and there is no food I am looking forward to eat more

13. Basketball– A sport that is fun to play, watch, and talk about

14. Tissues– I am allergic to pollen and dust mites, so I use a lot of tissues

15. 8– My favorite number and number for baseball

16. YouTube– I love watching comedic videos on this website

17. Spotify– I listen to almost all my music on Spotify, the source of my morning music jams

18. Air Jordan– From kicks to tees, I rep Air Jordan

19. Batman– My favorite superhero; have to hold onto a piece of my childhood

20. Comedy– Even if you don’t find me funny, I find me funny



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