Tray Walker

What happened to the talented Tray Walker is absolutely tragic and I want to take this post to recognize a talented man with a bright future, whose life was cut way too short. Tray Walker was riding a dirt bike around with his teammate on Friday night when he collided Ford Escape, killing him.

Instead of focusing on the events of the tragic accident, I want to celebrate what short time he did have on this planet. I am just going to leave some quotes about him that his fellow teammates and coaches have said since the accident.

Coach Harbaugh said, “(Walker) was a good man and a kind heart who loved his fellow players and being part of the Ravens’ team.”

“He always seemed to be next to me during the national anthem,” Harbaugh recalled, “then we would give each other a big hug.”

Ray Lewis tweeted: “Tray Walker family, once a raven always a raven. Rest in peace my brother. A great spirit gone too soon but he made it to the promise land.”

Steve Smith Sr. instagramed “A mother lost her son today and a family lost their brother we are the family.”

A mother lost her son today…

There are plenty more but it really is too sad and too tragic. A man who cared deeply about his family, on and off the field, taken from this earth too soon.

RIP Tray Walker


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