The Legendary Kraken Punch

The equipment on squid puncher varies between the type of Squid Puncher, but normally, their kits contain: a pair of leather gloves, a custom Kevlar suit (used to protect the user and absorb all of the impact of an attack), a hydro pack (used to split h2o and allows the user to breath under water), a water walker and a handy jar of pure lemon juice to detoxify and clear any squid ink. This lemon juice solved our ink tornado problem. We knew that we were going to face a boss squid, so in our preparation, we brought a “tank” of lemon juice (it is a large container that launches the lemon juice). We shot the lemon juice at the center of the tornado and the tornado imploded. Then, we attacked the surprised Kraken. This was the first significant damage we did.

It was then, the Kraken started to escape. The Kraken submerged himself under the water and disappeared. We saw this and decided to chase after it, we needed to stop it from causing any future damage. We took our hydro packs and dived in after it. Under the water, the Kraken is considerably stronger; however the water resistance slowed it’s attack and we dodged and avoided the attacks of the Kraken. We saw holes in the Kraken’s defenses and punched the Kraken. We chased and attacked for, maybe 2 hours and finally the Kraken reemerged from the water. We were in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle; although, this was not the only surprise, there was also 6 other Krakens. This explained why sailors all around the world, were attacked by Krakens, there was more than one. We had train our whole life on fighting squids and here was the greatest test. Each one of us took on one Kraken and I took on the already damaged Kraken.

I started with a long ranged Hurricane Punch, testing the Kraken’s state. It was tired, but ready to fight. I shot another Hurricane Punch and jumped at the Kraken, attacking with the Jab. The Kraken blocked both and tried to catch me in mid air, but I dodged it. Next, I did the same combination of punches again and dodged it again. I jumped again and this time the Kraken came at me and attacked first. This was it’s mistake. I did a Fishing Claw attack and countered it’s attack. The Kraken flew back, and I followed it. I attacked with a Jab, then a Twist Punch and backed off. The Kraken was slowing down. This time, I went in and attacked with a pistol punch, after dodging the Kraken’s attempt to stop me. I stunned the Kraken, then attacked with a close ranged Hurricane Punch. I backed off again. The Kraken engulfed in raged rushed at me, for massive attack, but I manged to block most of the attack and countered with a Sky-Uppercut. The Kraken flew up in to the sky and landed on a island. I rushed over there and saw that the Kraken was sitting there, surrendering. I had finally won. I walked over to capture the Kraken, but it had been a ruse. The Kraken landed a large blow and I got knocked into the water. I fell into a dream-like state. I remember, remembering a story about a boy, who was falling, the same way like I was. He landed and chose his path by picking a key that opened the door to his fate. His fate was full of evils and chaos, but he defeated it all.

I opened my eyes. I saw my hydro pack, just above me and grabbed to regain my breath. I decided to open my fate as well and charged back up to the surface. The Kraken had slip back into the water and started to spin a storm. It saw where I had risen and threw the storm at me. I stood up high and remembered. I remembered, all the training I had, all the friendships I made and lost, all of the squids I punched. I remembered it all and saw what I needed to do. I jumped up high and grabbed the eye of the storm. I was surprised how easy it was to control the storm. I grabbed the storm and dived into the Kraken. The storm punch grabbed the water from around and added to my attack. The punch must have looked amazing, but all I saw was the Kraken. I punched the Kraken and defeated it.

This is the legendary Kraken Punch.



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