Summer Abroad

Last summer I went on a service trip to Costa Rica, which I have written about before. Now I’m ready to go even farther all the way to Fiji for two weeks this summer. It’ll be an entirely new experience because this year I’ll get to stay with a host family for a week and be completely consumed by the Fijian culture. My favorite thing to do is explore new cultures because I get so bored with how our society is most of the time. I can’t wait to wear their traditional clothing and eat their delicacies. I also can’t wait to hop from island to island of the beautiful country to see all it has to offer from up in the sky to down below the surface in the coral reefs.

Part of me is worried because I have such an idealistic remembrance of Costa Rica and I don’t want it to affect that by going to a new place with new people. But I also have to get out of my comfort zone a little and see where it takes me.


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