Spring Cleaning

I’m sure you’re as happy as I am to see the snow melt and the flowers bloom, and now is the best time to change negative aspects in your life, just in time for the equinox.

  1. Clean your house

You know you still have junk from Christmas time you have yet to put in storage.  Clean your whole house to start fresh for the warm weather.

2.  Change your wardrobe

Donate or sell your clothes from last year that isn’t your style if no longer fits you.  Use the extra money to treat yourself to some nice new clothes and start setting the spring trends.

3. Get a haircut

Shed that winter coat and get a new, war-weather do!  Changing your hair can change your life.  Do something risky like dying it or bangs.  Just a simple thing like a fresh cut can make you feel like a whole new person!

4. Change your diet

You no longer have the excuse of the holiday season to eat badly.  Try to start eating better by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet now that peaches and plums are back in season.


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