On the Road?

So, recently, I’ve been eager to get my learner’s permit so that I can start learning how to drive. After visiting a college, I realized that the majority of the students that I met, use cars to travel. Being that I am from New York, I realized that I can rely on public transportation just as much as a car so it didn’t seem as important. But after thinking about it, since I am most likely going to school out of state, it might make a lot of sense to get my drivers license before college. After working it out, I have been preparing for the past two days to take my learners permit test. I started using this website driving-tests.org, that will help me prepare to pass my permit test. I even downloaded an app to practice during my free time. I have decided I am going to take it on Good Friday. With enough practice, I hope to pass the test on my first try so that I don’t have to pay a lot of times to take the test. I also talked to my mom that she is going to teach me how to drive after my permit test so that I can get my license before college. So hopefully everything will go as planned. 🙂

P.S this has nothing to do with my permit or driving, but if you want free chips and guac from chipotle, go to GuacHunter.com and play before they stop doing it!


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