Obsessions this Month

I try to make a list of my obsessions every month or so – the things that swallow me and make it hard to do anything else. Like, if I’m journaling, I’ll notice that the topic keeps coming up. So, here are my obsessions of late:

-Hamilton. The soundtrack is the ONLY thing I listen to now. (Which isn’t a challenging thing as there are around 50 songs on the whole soundtrack – and I always manage to listen to the whole thing everyday). I obsessively analyze every lyric and the whole story and go on way too many rants and do my own research on the things from the musical that pique my interest. I’m also eager to read the biography that the musical was based off of and the Federalist Papers.

-College. I feel like I’ve become this weird empty blob that can only think about college. I’m very excited to be done with the whole admissions process.

-Big belts.

-Layering necklaces.

-Wearing a lot of rings.

-The class I sat in on at Oberlin about the psychology of popularity. I NEED to read the book that was mentioned.

-The online class I just started. I’m so uninspired by the academics in school right now, so the class feels almost relieving.

-Thinking about romantic vs. sexual vs. platonic relationships and how sex plays a role in everyone’s life (yet I feel like it’s NOT talked about enough).

-The importance behind talking to people with different political beliefs etc. and the importance behind being able to build those kinds of relationships.

-Uh, a TON of other stuff, but the class period is over, so I’m just going to submit this!


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