My weekend in brunch

Each weekend at least one out of the two days my mom, my brother, and I try to get out of the house by 10 to go to brunch. Brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day. I can eat ramen for dinner and chicken nuggets for lunch as long as I have a good brunch. (Not that ramen and chicken nuggets can’t taste good too.) This weekend (no different from other weekend) I had two delicious brunch meals.

On good Friday my mom and I woke up kind of late since I had stayed out Thursday night with some of my friends. It was a nice morning (despite the ten minutes of pouring) so our priority was sitting outside to enjoy some sun and our food. We decided on The Butcher’s daughter which is just a few blocks from my house and has nice outdoor seating. We got seated at around 11:15 which is a substantial amount later than usual. When we got out menus I was disappointed at first when I saw they weren’t serving brunch anymore but lunch. We order the tacos and the herbed egg salad on toast. Both dishes succeeded my standards. The tacos were lettuce wraps instead of flour of corn tortillas and it was filled with flavorful sautéed mushrooms, cabbage, avocado, and some kind of crema. The egg salad was really good too. The eggs had thyme, fennel seed, chive, cucumber and arugula. The salad was on a simple whole wheat pullman bread which was perfectly toasted.

On Saturday my mom and I got out a little earlier. It was chilly and windy and we were craving something warm and hearty. We ended of at one of our favorites near the heart of soho: Cafe Habana. This small cuban restaurant hits the spot weather you go for brunch for eggs or lunch for their well known cubana.


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