“True friendship isn’t being inseparable; it’s beings separated and having nothing change.”-Anonymous

For a long time I would have disagreed with this quote. I thought that you can not consider someone your best friend if you barley see them and make little effort to talk to one another, but I know better now.

I have two best friends that are not very present in my life. Kevin, my best friend in middle school, and Eva, who back to Italy after freshman year. It’s just as hard to talk to them as it is to see them. But I still say they are my best friends because when I do talk to them, when I do see them, I feel as if no time has passed. Still I can tell them anything, still they have my best interests in mind when giving me advise, still they do not judge me, and most importantly they still understand.

Your closest friends, are not meant to be by your side though everything. Their will be many challenges that you must face alone, but they people that are your best friends are the people you confined in and go to for support when you need it. Whether they live thousands of miles away or you have not spoken to for quite some time, there will always be certain people you never loose your connection with.


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