Famous people I’ve met

 Living in New York provides many opportunities. One of these many opportunities is seeing famous people!

  1. In 2nd grade, Miley Cyrus released a book or something and she was having a  signing at the Disney store, so I went! I took pictures with her and told her I was her biggest fan! When I went back to class later that day , I was like “yeah das me” with my signed Hannah Montana book AND poster!!!!
  2. I was at Ikea trying to get some cute furniture and I saw Hailey Baldwin and Jay Stevie trying to get some cute furniture too!
  3. I saw Tom Cruise, his former wife Katie Holmes  and his daughter at a restaurant a building away from mine.
  4. I saw Joe Biden at a restaurant a block away from my house
  5.  I saw Madonna getting out of her car. She lives or used to live in a house a block away from mine. I saw her going inside her house when I was walking by!
  6.  I was hanging out in Soho and I passed by a restaurant and saw Eileen Kelly, or Killerandasweetthang on instagram, sitting outside.
  7. Yesterday, I was sitting down next to Nina Agdal on the train.
  8. After 8th grade graduation, I was walking home with my parents and on the block of my middle school (AYE WAGNER), there was Kendall Jenner looking at a menu with her assistant and my mom was like “Yo Doreta isn’t that one of the jenners?” and I was like “Yo ma It is!!” and like I went up to her and asked for a picture.
  9. The Jonas Brothers were performing at a street fair when they first started out and you already know I was in the front!
  10. I saw Parker Kit Hill from vine on the train!
  11. I saw Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas on the street but like they are kind of irrelevant
  12. I met Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at a book ( it was really the love magazine) signing last year!
  13. I saw Barbara Palvin while walking earlier this year!
  14. I saw Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman (instagram) because they were both going into a restaurant I was also going in
  15. When I was younger, I sat next to Brooklyn Beckham on a plane once
  16. I was sitting across from Massey Blakeman (like Jay Steevies friend, also like instagram) on the train like 2 weeks ago!
  17. My mom randomly signed me up for a street fair raffle and I won and I got to meet Weird Al Yankovic (You know who he is. The song “white and nerdy.” you definitely know, THOSE EARLY 2000’S SONGS!!)
  18. I saw Kim Kardashian coming out of her apartment!!
  19. I saw Lily Allen on the street once!
  20. I saw Janae Watson (from Orange is the New Black) once in a Macy’s and another time on the subway.

I mean thats pretty much it. I might be forgetting some people, but these are all the people that came up!!!



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