Chelsea Market Tour Guide

The Chelsea Market is located at 95 9th Avenue in the Meatpacking District just around the corner from LAB.  It’s a whole city block long and wide and is a great indoor food hall with lots of different types of foods to choose from so you can never go hungry.   It also has some pop up clothing stores and is home to offices and radio stations upstairs. It’s a lot of fun when the food stores put out samples from their cuisine so you can taste whatever you want.  Some of my favorite places to go to in the Market are Amy’s Breads for some awesome tasting bread and desserts, Creamline for creamy delicious ice cream and shakes and Doughnuttery which has delicious warm donuts which they make in front of you through out the day.  Add some powdered sugar and you’re all set for a great donut.  Eleni’s has great cupcakes and cookies and The Lobster Place has great lobster’s made to order and steamed right in front of you.  

The Chelsea Market has a lot of history.  It started many years ago as the National Biscuit Company and Factory but is now reclaimed as the Chelsea Market.  The Market has an old yet funky feel to it both outside and inside but the stores give it a modern touch.  Hurricane Sandy did major damage inside Chelsea Market so much of it was closed for quite a while.  It was since rebuilt and is now booming more than ever.  The Chelsea Market is a heavily trafficked place so it’s often hard to move from one store to the next so I recommend coming early.  These are just a few of my favorite pics but visit the Chelsea Market and find what you like, you won’t be disappointed. 


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