A Review – Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

A Review of Poison Princess by Kresley Cole…

Although her books usually teeter along the edge of young adult fiction and new adult romance, Kresley Cole has created a series to utterly stun me! Her writing of Poison Princess is compelling, drawing the reader into her words and her unique way of storytelling. Her ideas had me guessing the entirety of the book–even if I have some experience with tarot cards and the sort. Her writing is riveting and gripping, often combining humor with hair-tearing and a whole bunch of swear-words because sometimes it’s difficult to not know what’s going on; or worse? For the reader to know exactly what’s happening and not be able to stop our protagonist, Evangeline, from making the wrong decision.

In her prologue, Cole chose to create an alternate perspective with a character named Arthur who we can quickly assume is homicidal with a nice pinch of psychotic, a heavy mix for a seemingly unsuspecting young girl who simply drops on his front door, completely alone and seeking to tell her story.


The only issue?

Who would believe it when the teller of the story…didn’t know what was real herself?


We enter a world before The Flash, the prequel to an apocalyptic earth that is filled with visions of horrible creatures and a woman dressed in red–aptly named the Red Witch–who uses plants as an advantage to kill with, along with her prowess and stunning features. Evangeline, a sixteen-year-old who lives in Louisiana and goes to a preppy high school has visions of a darkened time–and her mom committed her to a CLC, a clinic that deprogrammed memories that her grandmother had given her about a different future. A dark one that was unimaginable to her young mind as well as her mothers’.


Crazy ran in the family–or that’s what she’d been convinced to think.

Unlike a lot of young adult fiction, this book focuses more on the story than the romance, more on the character and her dilemma’s–the storytelling–than the actual love tale itself. And in this book, it isn’t a tale of love. It’s a tale of hardship and confusion and a world where fact and fiction collide into something that isn’t wholly one or the other. Evie is just one of her kind and the game has already begun.

Is there love? Totally. A stunning Jackson Deveaux from the Basin, another more impoverished part of of the Louisiana knows all too well. Tension brims from all of their encounters; hatred, miscommunication and misconception blur the line between animosity, love and passion.

If you’re looking for more intrigue as far as love goes, her life becomes completely more complicated in the second and third books when another valiant yet brokenly beautiful knight comes into her devastatingly altered new life.

With sensory details dripping off every page, a fresh and funny perspective of teenage life with hardships and stupid love and all, with stunning tales of bravery and hardship, blood and gore, we can feel our heartbeats fall in line with every page.

Note: For the first time in-freaking-ever when the new love interest entered the perspective, I genuinely didn’t know who I wanted to win Evie’s heart more, and that just shows how much talent and beauty Cole can write with. In the second and third book more of her knack for writing more adult and raw pieces shines through, but the plot stays true to her unique idea of using the Major Arcana cards of Tarot–an intriguing and fresh perspective. The prologue hooked me from the start.

READ!!! A total 10/5: this book has become an insta-love of mine, joining my list of favorites for a LONG time (like forever long)! There are two books we know are set in stone for the Arcana Chronicles, but Cole has promised a minimum of 5–which means there may be more. Check out Poison Princess, Endless Knight and Dead of Winter. Stay tuned for the fourth books release in Spring 2016!


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