What is school for?

Victoria and I began to share our beliefs. The conversation became intense. She expressed how she does not believe the system provides us with knowledge about real world jobs.  That everything is based on grades and if you got a bad grade, you are considered “dumb”. I completely respect and understand what she tries to express and therefore what I responded was that if one gets a bad grade and truly tried their best, they are to no extent “dumb”. It is up to one to view it as not understanding the concept. One must reflect on one’s mistakes and prepare for the next.


I agree that our systems were created to provide the future world with obedient workers, that is why I take school seriously in the first place. In reality a degree is the key to a good job. To get to that degree one must do what schools ask for. Will society and the economy profit out of my hard work? Yes, of course. I will also profit out of it on the other hand. Plus it is not a difference since the government takes money out of our paychecks every week already.


Truly, it is simple, if you do not believe in the system, opt out. Many have done it and turn out “fine”. Yet there are those who do not settle for “fine” and prefer better. People do not opt out of college because they are scared to be judged, but if you are 100% sure that you can make it big without a degree, go ahead. Do what you have to do.


Godin believes that the system is not changing, I agree in terms of rules and policies. This meaning, grading methods, core curriculum, class criterias, etc. On the other hand, in terms of testing we have seem some alteration. For example, the SAT writing and some colleges not even taking standardized tests. Does this have an effect? Yes, because in some senses it may take away a stress level and make things somewhat “fair” for students, but what about the students whose best skill is writing and not so much math. But who is it making happy? It satisfies the students who prefer not to attend a prep, or who really dislike writing. This is once again not fair because those students who do become devoted, their commitment might not be recognized when going through the process. I do not believe these changes will affect the system and strategies. I believe school and education is our only jobs as young teens and will brighten your future. Is it a competition? I don’t think so. One shall not worry about being better than others because we were each created with the same value. One must compete with oneself to be a better person then the person they were the day before.


Godin states, “The plan:trade short… for longer term…”, second paragraph. With this he explains that we go to school to benefit ourselves but due to the fact that we are a cycle, we benefit others. Eventually we will end up working for a corporation that will put our school skills into play. This quote stood out to me because it opened my eyes. I had not viewed school as a benefit for others but it was nice to know one’s true role in society.


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