The Kraken

On March fourteenth, the team came back together. Rin and I spoke together for the first time in four years, but it was not rejoiceful talk. There was a universal raid boss attacking New York City and we needed to deal with it. LSP, VVGT and DOTS (the team Rin joined) had come together to defeat it. The name of the boss was the Kraken. Our report told us about an 800 feet tall beast, with an impossible diameter. When we arrived at the scene, South Street Seaport completely destroyed. Instantly, we sprung to action. DOTS took control of evacuating a 20 mile radius. LSP started to fight the smaller squids and VVGT started to contain the Kraken. 16 hours later, we were still in battle. Both LSP and VVGT joined together to contain the Kraken. 35 hours later, all three teams joined together and the fight continued.

The problem in defeating the Kraken, was of not our teamwork, but instead of the Kraken’s many long tentacles. Every time we would engage the Kraken, we would be knocked back. We were exhausted and the Kraken continued.  All 20 of us were stuck in an impossible battle. We managed to lure the Kraken up the East River, but we had not a way to defeat it. 50 hours had past. 7 of us had fallen back to recover. We decided to use the cannon tactic. We had 13 people and the Kraken had 10 tentacles. We held down the 10 tentacles and we attacked it for free, with the other 3. This attack worked, but this only enraged the Kraken, it was playing with us before. The Kraken threw us off and started spinning with a ink tornado. This ink was toxic and started polluting the river, but that was the least of our worries, 5 of us got hurt and had to retreat. The team was back together, but how do we stop this monster?!?!?






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