Prom 2016

Ohkay, so prom 2016 is coming up soon… ish. And people are going to start prom-posing soon, even though it’s banned. Apparently people got upset that they didn’t get asked, or some were better than others or they distracted people inside and outside of school. So I get to watch people prom-pose and I’m super excited because I think they are really cute, I’m just not creative enough for things like this, or anything. I think that the girls are more excited than the guys though because I know a lot of girls have gone dress shopping and bought dresses, shoes, etc meanwhile the guys haven’t lifted a finger, except to brainstorm who they think they might want to take. Anyway, prom is around the corner and I have to think of a way I can prom-pose to my boyfriend, (so if you have any ideas let me know). I want it to be cute but I don’t know what to do. I am not a prom type of person if many of you know by now. I tried looking at dresses online a few times, but every time I had a reason to say no to a dress, so I got bored and started watching youtube videos instead. I don’t even know what colour I want. Or type of shoes. Or how to prom-pose. Or anything. So help me. Please?


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