Plastic is an epidemic in our society. We all use plastic in our lives, and if we tried to rid ourselves of plastic it would be quite hard because plastic is engrained in our society. Plastic is found in: calculators,watches,shoes,furniture,appliances, containers for food,clothing,personal care products and much more. Some plastics are considered more safe than others like PET, and LDPE. The thing though is that the process of making plastic and the using of plastic is not safe at all. The way we treat plastic is not safe, on average we place can place more than 2,000,000 tons of plastic in a landfill a year, only less than 7% is recycled and the rest is laying in a landfill or discharged into the ocean with other waste and affecting ecosystems. This plastic can take over hundreds of years to degrade and when it does it’s from the elements, the sun, or just the chemical composition. This leads to particles being the size of micro organisms or smaller, this plastic being so small has been found in humans when tested and now we are at a rate where 93% of humans were tested to have BPA in them. The plastic which doesn’t break down ends up in various species, fish have been found with plastic in their carcass’s, spoons in nostrils, and much more. We need to curb our use of plastic for the safety of us and the life around us.  


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