Music in the Morning

I love music. It is my heart and soul, it’s what keeps me going throughout the day and motivates me to succeed. From Rap to Rock to EDM to R&B, various musical genres pump me up and satisfy my ears. I listen to music from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, but there is no experience more magical than listening to music on my way to school on weekday mornings.

Music is how I survive crowded trains and waves of traffic on my way to school. When I put on my Beats headphones as soon as I step out of my apartment building, I am in the zone, music blasting into my ears as I shake my head to the sick beats. I feel as if I am in a music video, and everyone around me is just an extra. School can be stressful and life can provide troubles, but when I am listening to music, nothing else matters. I look forward to going to school, as it is more like a party than a period of travel. The forty minutes it takes to get to Lab is entertaining, not boring. Without morning music, I would not be able to walk into school with a smile and a positive mental attitude.


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