I’m a leo, here’s my horoscope for the week!

I really love horoscopes because its funny to see how accurate they can be so I had to repost my horoscope for this week that I found on refinery 29!


Next stop: Coachella? Wanderlust hits you hard on Monday, when social Mercury heads into your travel zone until April 5. Revive yourself with a change of scenery. If festivals aren’t your thing, head to a cultural metropolis where you can meander through museums, fete your foodie side, and banter with the fascinating locals. Mingle multiculturally close to home, too, because your friendship circle could widen in exciting ways. The truth serum will be flowing liberally now, but temper your words with extra tact, so your message doesn’t get lost in translation. This is a fabulous time to work on a media or writing project, so don’t wait another minute to start working on your memoir.

Wednesday’s lunar eclipse in your friendship house could reveal a promising alliance. Does someone from your squad have shining BFF potential? Go out of your way to get to know this person better, planning some one-on-one time. Talks could turn to a joint venture. Teaming up on a project could be profitable for both of you. On the flip side, do you need a little space from a too-close-for-comfort connection? If a BFF bond or those daily check-ins with your sister are making you claustrophobic, take a time out to reclaim your individuality.

On Friday, tough teacher Saturn settled back into its annual retrograde, which lasts until August 13. Learning to detach from drama, especially in romantic situations, is Saturn’s spring and summer lesson plan. It’s easy for you to get fired up by emotions, o passionate lion, but your fierce roar can alienate the ones you love. Practice taking a breath and resisting your first reactive impulse. You’ll get farther, faster by thinking things through a little before you respond. Slow the rapid-fire pace of any relationships now, taking time to talk through deeper subjects before rushing to the next level. By the time your birthday rolls around, you’ll know clearly whether moving ahead is a good idea or not.


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