Excessive, uncontrollable sweaty hands. This condition is called hyperhidrosis and I’ve been blessed with it.

It’s honestly very annoying. Sometimes during tests or assignments, my writing gets smudged if I write in pencil, my hands slide down my pencil or pen so it’s harder to write, my paper gets that wrinkly look, it’s embarrassing when I meet someone for the first time and we shake hands, I can’t press anything on my phone’s screen, and people say, “ew” when I tell them. And what’s more is that there are other situations where my sweaty hands cause a problem. Here’s my favorite line from the internet about sweaty hands, “…sweaty palms can negatively impact your social life, your education, and your career.” Great.

When my hands get sweaty, they glisten. Sometimes you can even see little puddles on my hand. From my perspective I don’t find it disgusting because it’s my sweat, and not that smelly sweat, but I still find it problem.

The good thing is that at least it doesn’t happen 24/7. The bad thing is that it has bad timing.



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