Since the start of senior year, the biggest worry I had was being able to get into college. Being the first in my family to actually have this opportunity, it was a big step ahead for me. Both of parents are immigrants from China so they never had the opportunity to pursue higher education since they were busy raising my family. Applying to college was such a lengthy process. For me, I had to write multiple supplements and make sure my common app essay reflected my overall personality to the fullest. Yet, after doing all of this, you would assume that I was done with college. But oh boy I am not. Even after applying to college, the next part was waiting. Waiting takes such a long time and it is a nerve racking experience. Generally you would get your admissions by April 1 but as of right now I still have two more decisions to receive. I applied to 8 private schools, 4 CUNY’S and 1 SUNY. My experience with the admissions decisions have been great except for the fact that I got rejected by my top choice. Because of that I am lost within a mountain of schools to chose from. At the beginning of the year, I only thought about getting in to my top choice. All my other schools were backups, but now I actually have to chose 1. Choosing a school to spend the next 4 years is such a critical and tough decision that I have to make by May 1. As of right now, I don’t even know where I am going since there are far too many options. In the end I just hope my decision is one that I won’t regret.


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