A Happy Word and a Heartbreaking Discovery

My favorite word is “streamers.” As in the party decoration.

I used to have two favorite words. Flabbergasted and discombobulated. I liked these words because they were delightfully humorous and unexpected. I was flabbergasted that flabbergasted was a word the first time I heard it.

However, these words that I formerly fancied, are nothing compared to streamers. I think it’s the way it sounds when you speak it and also the positive connotations of celebrations it holds for most of us. As streamers is not a word we use much in everyday conversation, I see it as special word and because of this it never fails to bring me happiness.

I really don’t appreciate that Wikipedia has neglected to provide a page on streamers of the celebratory variety. If I knew how, I would create one myself and go through far too much trouble to provide far too much information on this colorful subject. Yet at the moment, I do not possess any information on the origin and history and modern uses of streamers. I would really like to see the kindly Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood do a “How it’s made” segment on streamers.

No. No. No. no! no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. no.

Havingtroublebreathing. Just looked up Mr. Rogers to see if he ever visited a streamers factory. And he’s gone. Stomach cancer. February 27 of 2003 must have been the darkest day of my lifetime, and I didn’t even notice. I’ve been living in blissful ignorance for 12 years while that wonderful man has long left the world he so improved through his inspiring songs and heroic activism. I don’t think there will ever be cause for streamers in my life again.

Rest in peace, my favorite neighbor.


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