I have no interest in writing a blog post, but if I’ve learned one thing throughout high school about myself than If I think about everything I have to do as an option then I will never do it. Currently I’m in bed finishing a box of mini peanut butter crackers from trader joe’s trying to figure out what I will eat next. I feel unaccomplished and sleepy even though I just woke up from a nap. However, yesterday was a surprisingly eventful day for me. My friends and I went to try to find our prom dresses. This was our second time going together and as our unsuccessful shopping day (or what we thought) was coming to and end, I found the dress and I even got it for $50 off. It was a great feeling. It was scary at first deciding I was going to buy it and knowing that this was my prom dress the one I’d be wearing in less than three months. Now that I have my dress I’m even more eager for all the exciting things coming up: the talent show, senior dinner, prom, and graduation. Hopefully the next month will go by quickly.


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