Turning 18

I think turning 18 is and can be a really big deal for some people. I didn’t think it was that great at first, but my sister made me think otherwise.

I’ve gotten a text every day for the past week, reminding me that I will finally be an adult, we will never be children again, and a countdown began with “24 hours until we’re legal!!”

There’s this excitement part about it being your 18th birthday, you can finally vote, and fight for your country, and buy a house, get married, and get arrested. There’s also some “un-common” things you can do once you turn 18. Such as, book a hotel room, secure a loan, change your name, go bungee jumping, and even adopt a child. All new and exciting things to add to your list of things you may eventuall want to do, or not.

All of these are exhilarating, because it seems like there’s so much more you can do now. But when I think about it, just having the title and being seen as a more grown and matured woman is great. The day finally came that proves you’re a grown up. It’s both scary and uncomfortable to have to think about being seen as an adult, because now you have more responsibilites, your expected to know more, and behave a certain way.

But personally I want to be treated like an adult. I want to experience new things in life and do things I wasn’t allowed to do. I want to feel the fear of not knowing what to do next but taking a step back and saying to myself that “I can do this.” I want people to treat me like I’m older. Being 18 is so much more than just getting a tattoo finally without your parents permission, (even though that’s cool too.) It’s about feeling independent and recognizing all the things you’ve done so far but still have time to do. It’s about entering adulthood and feeling excited about what life has to offer.



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