My Childhood Best Friend Goals

Wish I could upload the picture but wordpress is being irritating.

Anyways, growing up, all I watched were cartoons, but there is one show in particular that I watched (and still watch occasionally) so much, that I can recite most of the script, I know every episode and the context of it, and I could sing you every song in the show. This show is called Spongebob Squarepants from Nickelodeon. It is literally the best cartoon in the world. Well it used to be at least. The movie that came out a few years ago was terrible and most children’s networks today are showing the worst shows. Spongebob is my lifeeeeee. My two best friends and I used a section from an episode on our yearbook half page. The one where they’re fighting about who is Dirty Dan and who is Pinhead Larry.

But aside from that, I wouldn’t say that Spongebob was entirely educational per say, but the show did teach us a few things. A great post I found listed 17 Life Lessons that we may have learned. It was a great show to watch and my little brothers love it as well. If I have kids, I would show them Spongebob.


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