Cats vs Dogs #3

It seems like the majority of people when asked the question “cats or dogs” will end up most likely choosing dogs. Then when asked “why” they say something like ‘oh cats are mean and aren’t playful, why would you want a cat, dogs actually move around,”. Heres a cool facts that proves otherwise,  cats are Americas most popular pet, it comes down to 88 million cats vs 74 million dogs… Hows that. Even when I found out about these results, it came to me like “wow”. People may favor dogs as a result to the benefits they see in them. For example, training a dog in comparison to training a cat, this is simply a dog thing. Then dogs just have a natural instinct to always be around someone either another dog or human, while cats are the complete opposite, mostly used to being alone. In fact cats sleep for about 70% of their entire lives. Even though cats seem more lazy and not playful, they do have their own connection to humans and the world, but I’ll get into that next time.



cats vs dogs


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