7 Day Vegan Challenge

Two days ago, I went vegan for a week. Two of my really close friends are vegans, and I wanted to test it out and see how it’d feel. Being a vegetarian, the meat part wasn’t an issue. The difficult part was the dairy (which I eat so much of).

It did not make me feel good. I felt that I often had low energy and was ALWAYS hungry; I guess that’s because it was such an abrupt change in diet to my body. Seriously, I ate eggs so often, cheese so often, and yogurt so often. It was weird.

I found that it was fun though, to experiment with new recipes. I learned how to make vegan pancakes, and so many many other things. I was also surprised to learn how many things were vegan (Oreos, really?). I also thought that being vegan equated to being healthy. I was so wrong, there are still so many unhealthy things you can eat on a vegan diet: chips, Oreos, fries, etc.

Overall, I’m really glad I tried it out. I learned a lot about vegan-ism and its benefits to the environment (majorly reducing your carbon footprint), to animals (there really is no ethical way to eat meat or dairy products), etc. I came into this hating the vegan movement (t0 be honest, I still really do. I 100% support vegan-ism- but I find vegan culture to be so annoying).

I’m now working on slowly transitioning to becoming a vegan, and doing it in the healthiest way possible. I’m trying to eat less and less dairy (this means less eggs in the morning), and I hope that I can be a vegan soon!




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