Dear New York City,

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the day I leave. In about 5 months I will be gone- across the country starting college and the beginning of a new life.

I’ve become bored—bored by the same routine, bored by the same old places and the same old sights. They say that there’s always something to do here in the city, but what happens when everything has already been done? I have lived here my whole life and I feel like I’ve grown accustomed to the glamour of the city. Everyone says that I will miss the city when I leave- and I know I will- but I’m ready to leave. The skyscrapers that once used to dazzle me now just blur into the same old background. The bustling subway cars have lost their charm and now only act as a method of transportation from point A to B. Even within the 8.4 million people that live here, I feel like the city is too small and it’s time to move on.

I need to be somewhere new, away from the hustle that constantly covers the streets. I need space and some quiet from your never-ending noise.

But I’ll miss you. I’ll miss waking up to your views and noises. I’ll miss the  strangers and  I encounter on my daily commutes; I’ll miss the comfort of howling sirens and sporadic honks in the middle of the night; I’ll miss being able to go wherever I want, knowing that there’s a train available to get me there; I’ll miss seeing the bright lights that illuminate the city that never sleeps.

But most of all, I’ll miss all the things that I’ve grown up with: The people, places, and memories that are forever ingrained in me from my time here. I’ll miss the 3 am artichoke pizza run after a long night. I’ll miss exploring the streets of Chelsea with my friends after classes. I’ll miss walking through Central Park and taking in a little slice of nature. There are so many moments that I’ve experienced here in the city that we take for granted and  wonder how on Earth I got the privilege to live in such a city like this. You will always be home to me, no matter what anyone else says. I will always consider you the place where I created myself and where I understood what it truly meant to be a New Yorker. The determination, grit, stubbornness, and quick pace—all of it I’ve gained from walking through your streets and neighborhoods. I’ve seen myself rise, fall, laugh, cry, grow, and mature into the person that I see in the mirror today, and that comes from you.

I know that someday we will meet again because everyone is always drawn back to their home. Whether it be five months from now or five years, I know that I will come back to the place where it all began, and I will find you waiting for me with open arms, wondering why on earth I ever left here. Because no matter how many times they criticize our attitudes, pick apart our lifestyles and dissect our culture, New York City will always remain the greatest city in the world and the city that I am proud to call my own.



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