A Review – The Host by Stephanie Meyer

A Review of The Host by Stephanie Meyer…

Stephanie Meyer is most notoriously known for her big hit Twilight, the movie which rocked the globe in the late 2000’s and caused major motion picture companies to take another look at books for movies: teen books. With the offshoot of her writing bringing us the other notorious flick to come out last year, Fifty Shades of Grey, a fanfiction originally created off of the vampiric book, I bring you one of Stephanie’s better books to her name, The Host.

I get it; after reading Twilight myself and seeing all the Fifty buzz, I was really really hesitant to even look at the cover, but once I did I was so delightfully surprised. Not revolving around shiny vampires or werewolves with anger issues, The Host is a great read filled with paranormal excitement and a much more realistic love story.

Melanie Stryder was a normal teenager when her world was changed. Inhabited by an alien race, we are introduced to the Hosts, those who inhabit human bodies and become their likeness, only they’re no longer human. Melanie, now Wanderer, is more. She has memories, which is uncommon and dangerous for a Host to have and Wanderer becomes more and more frightened; to her, it’s a question of who has more power–Melanie, or herself?

Wanderer’s memories are Melanie’s. Once Wanderer inhabited Melanie’s body, she believed she had overpowered the girl who had lived for 21 years before but had she? Melanie still survives. And she remembers.

She tries to hide her memories of a boy, her little brother named Jamie as well as her close human companion Jared with which she was on the run with during the invasion before her capture. It soon becomes Melanie’s and Wanderer’s goal to find both of the boys, but are they both on the same side?

Wanderer is an ancient being, belonging to a race of supposedly friendly and non-violent hosts, but what does the extinction of the human race mean in the context of friendliness?

Will love conquer all?

The Host is a great story filled with riveting adventure and gripping tales of otherworldly realms. With a unique perspective of Wanderer and Melanie, two powerful and strong minds in one body, what will happen to the host as well as Melanie? What will become of the boy she loves and the brother she swore she would protect?

Unlike Twilight, the plot isn’t centered around love but rather the feeling of losing oneself and going on a journey of worlds, beliefs and the will of human nature to keep surviving, even in the toughest of positions.

When you’re more than human but less than host, what will you do to survive?

Read this book if you want to find out! I give it a 4.7/5! It’s a fantastic read in all respects and is well worth your time! (Just don’t watch the movie, it isn’t a true to form representation of the book).


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