What is good with the spotify discover weekly category?

Spotify is a popular music application that allows users to browse tons of different music (like every other music site), in an easily accessible environment. It allows you to listen to different artists and genres you wouldn’t normally listen to. I use spotify the most when I want to be somewhat productive. Whether that is cleaning my room or doing homework, I rely on spotify to provide me with different types of music that can get me motivated. The problem I have is in the spotify discover weekly category! It is a playlist, obviously created by spotify, that consists of about 30 songs from different artists. The actual problem I have with this is the complete and utter inconsistency of this playlist. Now, a new playlist of different songs is posted every monday, but that is not where the inconsistency is present. The inconsistency lies in the songs. One week, the majority of the music will be extremely pleasant, but other times, it will have the nastiest songs ever (like watch me whip by that one artist)!! Like come on spotify!! Even if the majority of the music is gross, there will always be that one song that you soon begin to love and that is primarily why I keep on going back to listen to this weekly playlist.

Btw I’m like 5 songs in on this weeks and it looks like it will be another one of those bad playlists ://///


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