It’s that time of the year again, March Madness! March Madness is by far my favorite part of  all sports. Mostly due to the fact that it is college basketball. The biggest difference between college basketball and the NBA in my opinion is, yep you guessed it, the money. People can argue that NBA players love the game just as much and work just as hard, but I have trouble understanding that because the motivation to succeed is so different. Student athletes take on extra burdens and commit so much of their time to the game they play and they do it solely because they love playing basketball. At the end of the season, they walk away with sore legs and nothing to show for it, while NBA players walk away with MILLIONS. No matter how you slice it, the motivation to do well and work hard is different and watching these kids that I can relate to, maybe even be at their school next year, is so much more fun. All in all, March Madness is sure to be a lot of fun this year and include some surprises and upsets, so if you have the time, fill out a bracket or two and watch the games with your friends and families.


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