Top 5 shows/movies on Netflix

#5. F is for Family

Ok so despite having only 1 season, this show is absolutely hilarious. Its about a middle/low class family in a suburban setting. The dad works at baggage claim at an airport and treats his family not very well, but to the extent that its funny. His 3 kids are also hilarious, one being in high school and acting like a stereotypical teenager. They do stupid things like start crap up to piss their dad off. Would consider watching this.

#4. Friday Night Lights

This show has a few seasons and is pretty entertaining. Its about a really good football team in Dillon, Texas. the first season, they lose their all star QB Jason Streeks and have to adjust to backup QB, Matt Saracen. I don’t wanna spoil how the season goes, but there is plenty of drama and some guys on the team are complete savages like Tim Riggins. Would defiantly recommend watching.

#3. Blue Mountain State

If you like Comedy and Football, this show is for you. Its about football players that play football by day, and then party and get with chicks by night. QB Alex Morran slowly gets use to being a starter and is very funny, Thad Castle is hilarious and a huge douche, and the rest of the team is very weird. Lots of sexual content and tons of comedy. Plus they made a movie following up the last season. Would totally re watch.

#2. How I Met Your Mother

This show was very long and super hilarious. Its about a bunch of friends and all of their love triangles. Ted Mosby spends 9 seasons telling his kids about he met their mom. Its quite a tale and its super intriguing. Would totally start watching it if you haven’t already.

#1. Forest Gump

This movie is a classic and if you don’t know it already, shame on you. Its about a guy named Forest Gump and his adventures of growing up in the late 20th century. He falls in love with a girl named Jenny and has a hard time walking when he is young. HE later becomes a great runner and gets a football scholarship for it. He fights in the Vietnamese war, and becomes a shrimp boat captain. This is my favorite movie of all time and is a absolute must watch.


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