The Struggle to Eat Well on a Budget

As most of us do, I go out for lunch. As I eat the same things over again, week after week, I get really sick of the food. A lot of what I am eating is carbs, and foods that do not have very high nutritional value. As I look around as to what foods are available in our neighborhood, it is hard to find good quality food on a budget.

Some places that we have in our neighborhood and their general prices for things (If you disagree with my pricing that’s fine, this is based off of what I generally see, but I didn’t look things up):

Sushi 4-6

Subway 5-7

Thai food 10-15

Chelsea Market 5-13

PIZZA x2 2.50- 6

Delis (depends on what you get)

BEC 10-12

Just Salad 9-16

Chipotle 3-11

Papa Kebab 4-15

Bare Burger 8-15

Duane Reade (depends on what you get)

The Carts 1-6

Starbucks 3-9

I don’t feel that I can have a healthy diet off of these places solely; however, I get food on my way to school, and I don’t go home until late when I have volleyball so I often rely on these places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

While there are places that are “healthier,” they are also more expensive. I would love to eat salads at Just Salad, or Quinoa sliders from Bare Burger, every day, but I would be blowing 10+ dollars a day on lunch, and that is just outrageous in my mind.

For the amount of money a high schooler generally spends on food, compared to the prices of food in NYC, it is hard to eat well, and not get broke in the process.

This is my struggle with food in our neighborhood. LMK if you feel this too!


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