The Oscars Under Fire


The Oscars come every year to celebrate the hard work of wonderful, compassionate films. Every year, there are nominations for the Oscar award for best film, best acting, best screenplay, and so on. And every year there is only one winner for each of these categories. Just being nominated for any of these awards is a grand accomplishment.

This year there were some very notable films featuring black actors. Some of them being Selma, Straight Outta Compton, and Concussion. However, when deciding what movies were Oscar worthy, the Academy did not include any of these movies featuring black actors. Upon hearing this, many black people were sorely offended by this choice. Many argued that it was not fair that only the movies featuring white people were nominated and blamed it on the Oscars. Many decided boycott the Oscars.

Although, I do agree that it is unfair that only the movies that were nominated were movies featuring white people, I do not think all the blame can be put on the Oscars solely. If you do that math, out of all the movies, there can only be a small percentage of “white” movies that are nominated per year. And even less so for the “black” movies since there are less “black” movies than there are white movies. Although the Academy can be blamed for being slightly racist, we can’t put all the blame on them. If we have to blame it all on someone, we shouldn’t blame the Academy, but rather Hollywood itself for giving such little chances for black people to get nominated in the first place. Another thing is is that the Academy can’t just nominate a “black” movie just because there are black people, otherwise they would be racially prejudice.

In the Oscars, Chris Rock showed a video clip of him interviewing a handful of black people about the Oscars and the movies that they have watched. Most of them were angry at the Oscars for not nominating a “black” movie. However, most of these interviewees hadn’t even heard of the “white” movies that were nominated and only watched the movies that had black people in them. From what I can see, they themselves haven’t paid attention to any other movies but the ones that had people similar to themselves. In a way, they could be considered prejudice and bias towards their own race. The fact that they don’t even care for the “white” movies show that they do not know what is good about the nominated movies and are fixated on movies based on their own race. From an outsider’s point of view, people are just overreacting to the idea of no nominations for movies featuring black people. After all, there have been many times when the Oscars did not nominate movies featuring black people. Why does it matter only now?

From the point of view of an oriental Asian, I think black people are way better off then they think they are. Of course, it’s still not fair how black people come out with less movies. But think about it this way, since when was there a time when an oriental Asian ever won an Oscar or even got nominated? In fact, since when was there a time they even had a serious movie where an Asian actor or actress played the main role? I’m asking this because I have yet to see a movie where the Asian person isn’t an evil villain or martial arts master. I think it’s unfair to say that black people have the right to criticize the Oscars this much when Asians don’t even have one good movie that can properly represent them without stereotype.

Needless to say, I think that the entertainment world is in need of major improvement. People of minorities should be more accepted and should have more roles in movies. However, I do not think we should blame everything on the Oscars. True, there is indefinitely racism involved in nominating movies. But we cannot put all the blame upon the Academy for their choices. Rather, we should blame Hollywood for not giving us more chances. Whether the race is white, black, Hispanic, or even Asian, we should all have an equal chance to shoot a movie regardless of race. Or even better, a chance to win the Oscars.


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