Body Images suck

I felt compelled to write this after reading a rough draft of my friends essay in English. It was about how teenage girls struggle with their bodies all the time. It stuck with me because I’ve been there and I imagine almost every girl has too. When I was younger i started to gain weight and I never even noticed. I didn’t care. Being a chubby 10 year old girl wasn’t what I was worrying about, until someone pointed it out. My cousins from Germany came to visit and they kept commenting on how much I ate. Ever since then i started to be really worried about how I looked and started to try and lose weight in very unhealthy ways. I started to eat less, and work out all of the time. I used to eat a meal a day, hoping I would lose weight. This plays a huge mental toll on a 12 year old girl who shouldn’t be worried about these things in the first place! Seeing models on billboards and seeing how skinny my friends were made me feel even more compelled to lose weight. I’m glad that I’m not doing those unhealthy things to lose weight anymore and I’m pretty comfortable with what I look like now, but when a little girl is starving herself to look good, that’s a problem. I don’t think people realize how big of a problem it is. Being a 10-14 year old girl is hard enough. Our bodies are changing, our hormones are out of control, and were all trying to discover ourselves. Why do we put so much pressure on girls to be skinny especially when they’re so young! Don’t people realize mentally what that does to them. It messes them up. It messed me up. I know before I said I was comfortable with my body now but thats not completely true. People call me skinny all the time and I don’t believe them because of when i was called fat when I was younger. Once you put that insecurity in a young girls mind it stays there forever. And it sucks and people should be more conscious of what they’re saying before they say it.


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